🏗️Creator tips

Know the parameters of your raffle

Most successful raffles have a large ticket supply and low entry rather than a smaller supply with a higher ticket entry. Creating a high ticket cost prices out buyers from entering, whereas lower ticket prices allow both big and small wallets to get involved. Finally, raffles over 24 hours, unless a blue chip NFT, generally don’t fare well. Most volume on a raffle comes in the first and last hour of listing. While you may think “longer raffle = more tickets sold”, a longer raffle length can create a lull where your listing loses visibility.

Know the market of your item

Creating a raffle where the total creator revenue far surpasses the current market price for an item may not achieve the result you desire. Buyers tend to ignore these listings altogether. You can easily view current market data on your items by going to a current listing for that item’s collection where market data is shown under “analytics”. If there is not a current listing for that item’s collection, you can review that data at Avalytics.xyz.

Common Sense

Ask yourself: is this something you’d buy a ticket for if you wanted the item?

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