🎟️Raffllrr General Guide

Raffler credibility

Check out a raffle creator’s history by clicking on their profile. Some creators resolve their Avvy domain to let them be known, however, this does not apply to all as someone else could hide behind a domain that doesn’t represent them or use alternative wallets to mask suspicious activity. From our point of view, we encourage rafflers and participants to build their “brand” by using one Avvy name to show that they can and will use the site responsibly. Before you enter a raffle, make sure to take a quick look at the raffler’s transactions. If you notice the highest ticket buyer on a raffle happens to have multiple recent transfers or was funded by the creator's wallet, you may want to exercise caution in entering, avoid the raffle altogether, and consider clicking report to get them flagged.

Participant visibility

Buyer addresses with the total number of tickets purchased by each wallet can be seen in the participant tab. Click on the transactions tab to see the complete transaction history including the date and the number of tickets purchased each time. Clicking on the buyer's address will take you to their public Raffllrr profile whilst clicking on tx id will take you to Snowtrace explorer.

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