✨Buyer tips

Understand probability.

Understand that a 99.9% chance of winning is not 100%, and vice versa 0.01% chance is not 0%! The amount that you enter the raffle does not guarantee a win either. This is the law of probability. The chance of flipping heads in a coin flip 10 times in a row is incredibly improbable but not impossible. The only way you can guarantee winning a raffle is by buying 100% of the ticket supply.

Spend only what you're comfortable with losing.

Raffllrr is supposed to be fun! Keep track of your spending. If you find yourself overcommitting to raffles where it is not fun anymore, take a break. Seek help if it is becoming a problem. Raffllrr encourages responsible raffling. https://www.begambleaware.org/

Never assume you will make the last purchase.

There could be many others who are looking to make last-minute purchases as well. Take note of the maximum possible supply and all the tips in this guide.

Although we can’t guarantee satisfaction due to the nature of the raffles, Raffllrr will continue to do our best to help creators and buyers have a fun experience using our platform. All feedback/suggestions are welcome and can be posted in our discord.

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